Location Tips for Family Pictures

Family picture location

Great Location Tips for Family Portraits

Great locations for family portraits are formal botanical gardens, park districts, lake beaches, cityscapes, old farmhouses, urban graffiti or art.

I typically recommend a location isolated from large groups and other distractions. For this reason, an early morning session at the city beach is recommended to avoid the crowds that arrive in the mid-morning and typically leave around sunset.

Likewise, for urban locations like downtown Chicago and local Villages, I recommend early morning sessions when many of the businesses are closed and the sidewalks are mostly deserted.

Late afternoon or early evening are perfect lighting conditions and sometimes offer another option when bystanders and observers are not present. Light crowds improves the ability of your family to focus and expand pose options in terms of photographic locations at a particular venue.

In most cases, we typically discourage choosing multiple locations during a photography session as we can easily spend 1-2 hours at most of these locations without exhausting the most obvious photographic opportunities.

If you’re set on choosing multiple locations, I’ll certainly oblige your request. However, please remember that since your session time is continuous, the time we spend moving between locations reduces the amount of time spent photographing you.

Lastly, some locations require photography permits that may be an additional cost to your session fee.

The time is NOW....to schedule a family portrait session.

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