What to Wear for Pictures

Great Reason to Dress Up!

Let’s be real, when it comes to portraits, sometimes you might forget you can actually dress up! Take the extra time to put together a nice outfit that will make you FEEL good about yourself. It’s probably the first time in years you might be getting professional photos taken, so it’s a special occasion, right?!

It’s OK to wear a beautiful flowing dress or wear those shoes you've been wanting to take out of the box from last year.  Break out the slacks men and wear a button down shirt!

The point is, you will look at your photos and think back to how confident and awesome you FELT during the portrait session.

Groups and Families

Groups are best dressed with colors that coordinate, blend or compliment each other.  Solid colors allow the focus to be on your smiling faces.  Avoid verbiage and other distractions; logos and characters on clothing can date your photos.  Color Theory is very significant when considering what to wear for you portraits.  So, choose colors next to each other on the color wheel or colors that are across from each other; these color selections will show a natural balance in your final pictures and make you look awesome!

Wee Ones and Children

It's all about capturing your child's personality!  Whether she's a girly-girl or a tomboy, dress to reflect their loves and capture their spirit.  We love bare feet and rolled up jeans on little boys.  Don't forget to accessorize!  Hair bows or hats complete the look. 

More details about clothing choices

We want to create timeless portraits for your family, so it's important to keep clothing choices clean-looking and simple.  It's always a good idea to have a few outfits on hand.  If you're still not confident, we would be glad to help you pick out which outfit will photograph the best. 

Fall Color Schemes

Fall outfits are all about layers. Wear warm tones such as:

  • Maroon and Brown
  • Tan and Denim
  • Cream, Navy, Tan
  • Denim, Crimson, Yellow

Winter Color Schemes 

Winter’s the perfect time to bundle up and bring out those family sweaters and furry scarves! This season highlights cold tones like:

  • Glitter and White
  • Crimson and Navy
  • Crimson, Tan, Blue 
  • Grey, Black, Red
  • Green, Rose, Copper 

Spring Color Schemes 

Spring is all about vibrancy like:

  • White and Blush
  • Teal and Blush
  • White, Tan, Light Blue
  • White, Navy, Yellow 

Summer Color Schemes

Find outfits with the warmest of colors like:

  • Teal and Orange
  • White and Tan 
  • Green, Yellow, Blue
  • White, Tan, Light Blue


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