Preparing For Your Photo Session


Quick tips for a great photo shoot:


LOCATION - Choose a day and a time that’s easy for your family; a time when you can kick back and have a little fun.  The ideal time to capture the best light for your photos is before noon and after three in the afternoon.


TIME EXPECTATION - Photo shoots usually take about 60 to 90 minutes.


WHAT TO WEAR - Choosing the appropriate attire is very important in photography.  Solid colors paired with large patterns or stripes will look spectacular!  Whereas, small prints and stripes may not look as good in photos; large patterns are preferred.  If you want to achieve a dreamy look, choose pastels colors, off-whites and soft prints.  If you want to achieve a dramatic look, choose colors that are bright and colorful, think BOLD and do not be shy when mixing colors/patters.  Be sure to check for logos and words on clothes; solid color clothes photograph best and won’t cause a distraction from your loved one’s smile.  Clothing that compliments the shoot location is a plus!  If your portraits are taken in Autumn think about clothing colors that are found in nature, or if it's snowing, primary colors always provide an outstanding pop.  Also, if there will be more than one person in the shoot, try to keep the tone or brightness of colors even to limit distractions in the final print. A good rule to remember is…. do not try and match exactly, a little variety is good and will create interest. Everything shows up in photos, so make sure you're wearing your best, fade free, non-pilly attire that has been ironed & lint rolled.  The fresher your clothes, the better they will look in the photos. 


Try on outfits the day before - make sure you’re happy with how they look, and make sure they’re happy with how they feel. (This helps to avoid the dreaded clothing tantrum!)  Weather can change drastically in the Midwest so be flexible and consider wearing layers.  Also, consider selecting clothes that move well.  A photo shoot is a dynamic environment.  You want to be able to move around, pose differently, and have fun with it, so being comfortable is key.  And if your shoot will involve a lot of walking bring a pair of flat, comfy shoes you can wear between shots or locations.


Accessories are a wonderful addition.  Girls can benefit from hats, hairpieces, necklaces, bracelets, belts, scarves.  While boys can benefit from hats, watches, suspenders, belts, shirt cuffs.


Prepare for a close-up: I love capturing details at my photo shoots!  Make sure you are proud to show off your sparkling engagement ring.  Splurge on a manicure, lather dry skin with lotion, (tastefully) wear a little more makeup than normal, shave your legs (haha!), & do a flash test at home to make sure your clothing isn’t see-through in bright lighting. This goes for men too – moisturize those hands!



WHAT TO AVOID - Stay away from pure whites.  Large print brands or logos and verbiage.  Leave those gym shoes at home and same goes for those t-shirts.  You will share these images with all your family and friends and they want to see you at your best. 


WHAT TO BRING – Personalize - Feel free to bring in special items you might like to see in your photos like a favorite doll, a new baseball mitt or a baby’s blanket can all add a personal touch.  Snacks, water, and consider having kiddos squeeze in a nap and eat beforehand so everyone is at their best.  I recommend taking a moment to communicate the importance of your photo shot to kiddos no matter what the age so everyone is on board with the expectations and commitments required during your photo session. 


THE SESSION EXPERIENCE – Upon arrival to your photo session I will ask you to please sign a model release document which enables me to share the beautiful images we worked so hard to create.  Also, please don’t worry if you are nervous as that is normal; it isn’t a usual thing to stand in front of a professional photographer and smile.  I will coach you through everything and show you exactly what to do.  Your photo session will be fun and at the end you will have so many beautiful images to help you remember your “specials”.     

WHERE TO SHARE - Make a list of friends and family who will want copies of your pictures and what sizes are best for each person. You may also want to talk a quick walk around your home to determine whether there are any wall locations you are interested in decorating with a beautiful print or canvas. 


YOUR IMAGES ARE IMPORTANT TO ME AND I WANT TO ENSURE THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND EVEN MORE; please call me if you have a question or need a little more direction.


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