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I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of Bent and Nisha's wedding celebration photos with you!  The love of God showed it's presence at Brent and Nisha's beautiful wedding.  A gorgeous event with close family and friends expressed the love and respect shared between these to giving souls.

Thank you for the privilege of capturing the smiles and laughs of all your wonderful family and friends! Nisha and Brent,  your kindness and strong love for each other make it a joy to be around you and I hope you can see how beautiful your day truly was!

Lastly, the final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so please come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Brent and Nisha's special day!  Enjoy!  Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Brent and Nisha's wedding or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 

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What to Wear for Pictures Great Reason to Dress Up!

Let’s be real, when it comes to portraits, sometimes you might forget you can actually dress up! Take the extra time to put together a nice outfit that will make you FEEL good about yourself. It’s probably the first time in years you might be getting professional photos taken, so it’s a special occasion, right?!

It’s OK to wear a beautiful flowing dress or wear those shoes you've been wanting to take out of the box from last year.  Break out the slacks men and wear a button down shirt!

The point is, you will look at your photos and think back to how confident and awesome you FELT during the portrait session.

Groups and Families

Groups are best dressed with colors that coordinate, blend or compliment each other.  Solid colors allow the focus to be on your smiling faces.  Avoid verbiage and other distractions; logos and characters on clothing can date your photos.  Color Theory is very significant when considering what to wear for you portraits.  So, choose colors next to each other on the color wheel or colors that are across from each other; these color selections will show a natural balance in your final pictures and make you look awesome!

Wee Ones and Children

It's all about capturing your child's personality!  Whether she's a girly-girl or a tomboy, dress to reflect their loves and capture their spirit.  We love bare feet and rolled up jeans on little boys.  Don't forget to accessorize!  Hair bows or hats complete the look. 

More details about clothing choices

We want to create timeless portraits for your family, so it's important to keep clothing choices clean-looking and simple.  It's always a good idea to have a few outfits on hand.  If you're still not confident, we would be glad to help you pick out which outfit will photograph the best. 

Fall Color Schemes

Fall outfits are all about layers. Wear warm tones such as:

  • Maroon and Brown
  • Tan and Denim
  • Cream, Navy, Tan
  • Denim, Crimson, Yellow

Winter Color Schemes 

Winter’s the perfect time to bundle up and bring out those family sweaters and furry scarves! This season highlights cold tones like:

  • Glitter and White
  • Crimson and Navy
  • Crimson, Tan, Blue 
  • Grey, Black, Red
  • Green, Rose, Copper 

Spring Color Schemes 

Spring is all about vibrancy like:

  • White and Blush
  • Teal and Blush
  • White, Tan, Light Blue
  • White, Navy, Yellow 

Summer Color Schemes

Find outfits with the warmest of colors like:

  • Teal and Orange
  • White and Tan 
  • Green, Yellow, Blue
  • White, Tan, Light Blue

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Planning for my event during COVID-19 What to consider when adjusting my event due to the pandemic effecting the world 

There will come a time when it is safe to gather and when that time comes, ensure you're ready to plan your event. Listed below are three quick tips to help support you on the importance of rescheduling. COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of your life and Carrie White Photography along with all the other vendors involved with your planning want you to feel prepared.  

1. Postpone, Don’t Cancel

You’ve probably heard and seen this one posted all over the place. But it’s ultimately the most important message to send to you. Extending event booking dates and reworking vendor payment structures help industry businesses and their staff plan for the future, so the majority of vendors are more than happy to strike up a conversation about making changes rather than cancelling. So reach out to your vendors and encourage them to work with you to pick a new date in the near future, working together will ensure you have a date and also can reduce the chance of you having to pay a rate increase because prices have changed. 

2.  Get a Head Start on Planning

There are quite a few people still in the very early stages of planning their wedding or events.  Consider this extra "home time" as a great opportunity to start working with or chatting with any of vendors.  Take this time at home to really dig into wedding and event planning. Now is the perfect time to lock in your dream venue and professional event vendors for later this year and into 2021.

3. Guests Are Going to Be Ready to Celebrate

Guests are going to be ready to celebrate, gather and party in person more than ever before. Now more than ever,  be  encouraged that you have the opportunity to give real meaning to your wedding or event in the future. It won’t just be a  celebration, it will be a celebration of unity and resilience. Family and friends are going to be ready for it!

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Chris & Sharae's Wedding Chris and Sharae Sneak Peek

Such a fun couple!  Thank you for reaching out to me last minute Chris and Sharae to capture pictures of your beautiful winter intimate wedding. 

The pops of rich red color were perfect to coincide with the Valentine Holiday.  The wedding was picture perfect and I'm so exctied to share with you some of the day's moments!

Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Chris and Sharae's event or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 


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Eddie & Isabel's Wedding Eddie & Isabel’s Wedding Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share Eddie & Isabel’s wedding celebration photos with you!  The day finally arrived for Eddie and Isabel to celebrate their magical love among family and friends.  The gorgeous venue and subtle Disney touches truly made the wonderful day a night to remember.

Thank you for the privilege of capturing your beautiful wedding.  You provided your guests a wonderful experience! 

Lastly, the final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Eddie and Isabel's special day!  Enjoy! 

Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Eddie and Isabel's event or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 

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Ed & Sonya's Wedding Ed & Sonya’s Wedding Sneak Peek

Another beautiful Chicago wedding celebrating Ed and Sonya with a hint of the ol' Chicago weather!  You would never know from the photos that the weather was sunny in the morning and windy thunderstorm surprised us in the afternoon. So happy the weather didn't hamper the beautiful day when Ed and Sonya celebrated their love for each other among family and friends.  \

It was a great joy to capture all the support and wonderful smiling faces, as family and friends supported Ed and Sonya in their new life together as Husband and Wife!  Ed and Sonya, your gentleness and strong love for each other make it a joy to be around you and I hope you can see how beautiful your day truly was!

Lastly, the final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Ed and Sonya’s special day!  Enjoy!  Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Ed and Sonya's event or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 

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Photography In the News Carrie White Photography was interviewed by Voyage Chicago as one of Chicago's Creative and Celebrated photographers.  

Check out the local editorial here by Voyage Chicago whose mission is to build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make Chicago interesting.  Chicago Voyage wants to change the way people spend their money – rather than spending it with the big, cookie-cutter corporations we want them to spend their money with the independent, creative, local entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists.



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Travel Photo Tips Travel Photography Tips

The next time you travel, think “outside the postcard” and create your own iconic images, your own stories and memories.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.


1- Include signage in you pictures. The name and price of the fruits and vegetables at farmer’s market written in the local language, creatively painted store signs, a newsstand featuring local papers, even the city street signs will give your images a lively sense of place.


2- Include people in your frames. Try to feature local people rather than tourists. Folks buying their daily paper, selecting flowers at the market or having coffee at the outdoor cafe. And if you have the time for doing some street photography, pick a spot and wait a bit.  Something interesting will surely happen and a story will unfold for you to capture and take home. The human element always adds interest to your images.


3- Create a photo story with a handful of frames. Start by taking a wide shot of an antique market to set the stage, then shoot a few close-ups of items for sale, people exchanging money, children laughing, the old fellow smoking a pipe. These are the travel images that will make your photo album more memorable and more unique.  They can also be an interesting montage if displayed on your walls back home.


4- Avoid repetitive family group shots in front of landmarks.  Instead, take action shots of your kids eating the end of fresh baguette in France or your husband playing bocce ball with the locals in Italy. Those are the pictures you’ll cherish for years to come. They will evoke your travel stories and fun memories, making you smile every time you open the photo album.


5- Resist taking those traditional postcard shots. When visiting a famous landmark such as the Eiffel Tower, try shooting a different perspective. Take close ups of the metal beams and the bolts. Photograph repeated patterns. Be creative and tell a story! Shooting lots of architectural details will nicely compliment any traditional picture of those famous landmarks in your photo album.


6- Practice your food photography on location. Get a table by a window at the restaurant, and turn off that awful flash. Shoot the local cuisine. Then enjoy your meal!  These images will help bring back the tastes and smells of your vacation like no other.


7- Pick a theme or two each day and feel free to change your theme if you discover something more interesting. So, if you are shooting architectural details in Rome and the perfect street scene catches your attention, by all means, shoot that, too. 


8- Be a gear minimalist when traveling. Carry just one camera and one lens because that perfect shot will inevitably happen while you are switching lens, and you’ll miss it. Every time you change your lens outdoors, dust gets on the sensor and possibly ruin that next great image. Travel light and use only the 50mm lens all day? You have feet and they make a great zoom!


Happy travels and bring back some killer images!

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Julianna's Quince Jullianna’s Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share Julianna Pezan’s birthday celebration photos with you! 

Thank you for giving me the privilege of capturing the biggest milestone in Julianna’s life thus far!  The April day was perfect!  All of Julianna’s friends and family were so delighted to share the joy of Julianna’s fifteenth birthday.  It was wonderful to photograph all the smiling faces, as friends and family displayed their love and support of Julianna throughout her life. 

The final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Julianna’s special day!  Enjoy!  Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Josh and Ashley's event or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 


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Prints, Prints, What Size is Best The Best Size Print For Your Home

Adding wall art to your home decor will enhance your room with color and style and will often become an eye catching focal point in a space.  However, the task of determining the proper size and placement of photography prints can sometimes seem daunting.  As a photographer creating custom prints for clients, I want to help with the frequent question: "What size print should I choose for my wall?".  

Here’s a guide on how to decide what size wall art will be just right for your room, to help make the selection process a little bit easier, and more importantly fun!

1.  The Room -  When picking art for any room BIGGER IS BETTER!  My clients are amazing! However,  there is one decorating mistake I see made every so often when I receive a nice photo from a homeowner showing me their prints hanging in their space.  It is that people tend to choose wall art that is much too small for the room!  If you are investing in prints, you certainly don't want to buy it, and hang it,  only to discover your room still feels barren.  Take into account the amount of furniture that you have in a room, if it is sparse, then a large piece of artwork will fill up the visual field as furniture might.  Think about your ceilings are they high, voluminous, vaulted ceilings allowing for a grand print gallery or low -where a shorter canvas height with landscape orientation might work best?  Just remember - to be on the safe side, GO BIG!  


2.  The Wall - Well, of course, you will consider the wall, and you will probably measure it once or twice, but then what?  You need to think about two things here - of course there is the overall dimensions of the wall,  but then you also need to think about the orientation.  Tall, narrow walls will work best with art of a similar shape, created in a portrait, or vertical orientation, while horizontal wall spaces (often found over sofas, in a hallway) work best with landscape-oriented artwork.  In looking at the overall wall space dimensions your artwork should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall.  


3. Over Furniture or Mantels -  Here is the rule of thumb when hanging over furniture like a sofa, table, fireplace mantle, etc.:  The art should be three-fourths the width of the furniture and hung 6"-12" above the top.  Perhaps a print gallery be the perfect solution.  It is that easy!  Of course it doesn't need to be exact, sometimes an off-center piece brings wonderful visual interest to a wall, but when in doubt, fall back on that rule!


4.  Gallery Walls - Gallery walls are a fun, eye-catching way to fill a large space when you are drawn to more than one piece by the same subject matter, when you find several prints or paintings within the same color palette which you'd like to group together, or to display amazing photography in frames.  You can group together wall art which is all the same size, or create real visual interest by grouping together art of varying sizes in one of many gallery layouts that you can find online.  Whichever layout you decide on for your gallery wall, lay the artwork out on the floor first, measure the total groupings height and width and make sure it follows the same guidelines above for filling up your space. 


5. Just how tall do you think you are? - A close second in sizing mistakes, is art being hung much too high!  You need to think about this when determining the size of art to choose, any piece of art should be hung with the center point at eye-level.  Not with the bottom edge 6 feet off of the floor on an otherwise blank wall.  (If you are very short, or very tall, use the average 5'6" person as a guideline.)  Again, don't be afraid to fill up that space!

Photography is an investment that can bring a lifetime of wonderful memories, it can make or break a room and is essential to a finished look.  

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Preparing For Your Photo Session  

Quick tips for a great photo shoot:


LOCATION - Choose a day and a time that’s easy for your family; a time when you can kick back and have a little fun.  The ideal time to capture the best light for your photos is before noon and after three in the afternoon.


TIME EXPECTATION - Photo shoots usually take about 60 to 90 minutes.


WHAT TO WEAR - Choosing the appropriate attire is very important in photography.  Solid colors paired with large patterns or stripes will look spectacular!  Whereas, small prints and stripes may not look as good in photos; large patterns are preferred.  If you want to achieve a dreamy look, choose pastels colors, off-whites and soft prints.  If you want to achieve a dramatic look, choose colors that are bright and colorful, think BOLD and do not be shy when mixing colors/patters.  Be sure to check for logos and words on clothes; solid color clothes photograph best and won’t cause a distraction from your loved one’s smile.  Clothing that compliments the shoot location is a plus!  If your portraits are taken in Autumn think about clothing colors that are found in nature, or if it's snowing, primary colors always provide an outstanding pop.  Also, if there will be more than one person in the shoot, try to keep the tone or brightness of colors even to limit distractions in the final print. A good rule to remember is…. do not try and match exactly, a little variety is good and will create interest. Everything shows up in photos, so make sure you're wearing your best, fade free, non-pilly attire that has been ironed & lint rolled.  The fresher your clothes, the better they will look in the photos. 


Try on outfits the day before - make sure you’re happy with how they look, and make sure they’re happy with how they feel. (This helps to avoid the dreaded clothing tantrum!)  Weather can change drastically in the Midwest so be flexible and consider wearing layers.  Also, consider selecting clothes that move well.  A photo shoot is a dynamic environment.  You want to be able to move around, pose differently, and have fun with it, so being comfortable is key.  And if your shoot will involve a lot of walking bring a pair of flat, comfy shoes you can wear between shots or locations.


Accessories are a wonderful addition.  Girls can benefit from hats, hairpieces, necklaces, bracelets, belts, scarves.  While boys can benefit from hats, watches, suspenders, belts, shirt cuffs.


Prepare for a close-up: I love capturing details at my photo shoots!  Make sure you are proud to show off your sparkling engagement ring.  Splurge on a manicure, lather dry skin with lotion, (tastefully) wear a little more makeup than normal, shave your legs (haha!), & do a flash test at home to make sure your clothing isn’t see-through in bright lighting. This goes for men too – moisturize those hands!



WHAT TO AVOID - Stay away from pure whites.  Large print brands or logos and verbiage.  Leave those gym shoes at home and same goes for those t-shirts.  You will share these images with all your family and friends and they want to see you at your best. 


WHAT TO BRING – Personalize - Feel free to bring in special items you might like to see in your photos like a favorite doll, a new baseball mitt or a baby’s blanket can all add a personal touch.  Snacks, water, and consider having kiddos squeeze in a nap and eat beforehand so everyone is at their best.  I recommend taking a moment to communicate the importance of your photo shot to kiddos no matter what the age so everyone is on board with the expectations and commitments required during your photo session. 


THE SESSION EXPERIENCE – Upon arrival to your photo session I will ask you to please sign a model release document which enables me to share the beautiful images we worked so hard to create.  Also, please don’t worry if you are nervous as that is normal; it isn’t a usual thing to stand in front of a professional photographer and smile.  I will coach you through everything and show you exactly what to do.  Your photo session will be fun and at the end you will have so many beautiful images to help you remember your “specials”.     

WHERE TO SHARE - Make a list of friends and family who will want copies of your pictures and what sizes are best for each person. You may also want to talk a quick walk around your home to determine whether there are any wall locations you are interested in decorating with a beautiful print or canvas. 


YOUR IMAGES ARE IMPORTANT TO ME AND I WANT TO ENSURE THEY ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND EVEN MORE; please call me if you have a question or need a little more direction.

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I’m so excited to share Amora Valera’s celebration photos with you!  It’s hard to believe Amora is already fifteen and growing into such a strong and loving person.  I witnessed firsthand the love and respect shared throughout the entire family at this beautiful birthday celebration. 

Thank you for the privilege of capturing the biggest milestone in Amora’s life thus far!  It was a great joy to see, and hear all the support and wonderful smiling faces, as family and friends support Amora throughout her life….I also could not hold back tears during all those elegant words before dinner!   Amora, your kindness and sweet disposition make it a joy to be around you and I hope you can see how beautiful your day truly was!

Lastly, the final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Amora’s special day!  Enjoy!


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Josh and Ashley's Wedding Josh & Ashley’s Wedding Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share Josh & Ashley’s wedding celebration photos with you!  It’s hard to believe the beautiful day has come when Josh and Ashley are able to celebrate their love among family and friends.  I witnessed firsthand the love and respect shared throughout the entire family at this beautiful wedding celebration. 

Thank you for the privilege of capturing the biggest milestone in Josh and Ashley’s life thus far!  It was a great joy to see, and hear all the support and wonderful smiling faces, as family and friends support Josh and Ashley in their new life together as Husband and Wife!  Josh and Ashley, your kindness and strong love for each other make it a joy to be around you and I hope you can see how beautiful your day truly was!

Lastly, the final gallery will be available for viewing soon, so come back to check out all the gorgeous images from Josh and Ashley’s special day!  Enjoy!  Please contact me if you would like to purchase pictures from Josh and Ashley's event or just have questions about how I can photograph your special day. 


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Print Those Pictures! Print those digital pictures!

Digital pictures are in your phone, on your tablet, you have a point-n-shoot, and maybe even a DSLR. You can’t escape the selfies, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Today people are taking more pictures than ever before. The sad part is that few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. To many people, a “picture” is only good for the moment. Moms and Dads want to snap every little movement of that new baby. Grandma wants to see everyone one of those too. When you want to show off the new puppy, you pull out the phone. And in a week, none of them have any real meaning and might even get “deleted” just to make room for more pictures that have little meaning.

What will become of all the pictures taken today? Experts predict 99% of the photographs taken today are soon going to be totally gone – digital images are no longer important enough to most people to actually keep them in printed form!  It is estimated that only 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today will actually end up being a printed photograph. You probably have countless pictures that are just randomly stored with no organization or way to locate them. Perhaps you have made some effort to file your digital pictures, but even that can seem an overwhelming task.  Or those images you were planning on "getting to" get lost with your damaged phone or your computer crashes, lightening strikes!  Oh and to add to this, over the years, the technology has changed so fast, that many photographs taken 6-7 years ago are stored on a type of media that is no longer supported. In 5 years or less, your DVD is going to be obsolete as will your USB drives. File types are going to change and the technology of tomorrow may not support these “older” file types. 

Perhaps you go to a Professional Photographer to get hose lasting pictures and all you want is someone to “take some pictures and give us the disc”.  After all, it IS a “digital world” and it shouldn’t cost very much to “take them down to the 1 hr place” and get prints really cheap. So where are your discs today? Probably in that same drawer you haven’t found yet where that old cell phone is “lost” in. I doubt you have your DVD’s or old floppies on your wall! And when Mom asks if you have that adorable photo of your now 16 year old son or daughter- you know the one when they were 2- and you have to answer, I do, but I have to find it. “It’s on a disk…someplace…I think….maybe we still do…honey, where did we put that disk again?”.

So if you are part of this “digital revolution”, let me ask you- where are YOUR photographs? Stuck on some disc or stored out there is cyberspace someplace, hopefully? Why didn’t you actually purchase that $500 canvas to display in your home that your Professional photographer worked so hard to produce for you? That was a “one of a kind” work of ART and an heirloom piece for your family to have and remember that little slice of their life. It is something that will be passed from generation to generation and the only visual way your heirs will see what you looked like and the love and emotions you expressed the instant that image was captured.

Are you one of the “most photographed generation that doesn’t have a photograph in 10 years”? I guess it wasn’t that important then. Digital was cheap. Cameras were everywhere. It just didn’t seem that important.  What will your great-great grandchildren say when they can't see what it was like when you were a kid.  Lost memories are expensive.

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Phone Snaps Tips to Improve Your Camera Phone Snapshots

Light Your Subject Well

The better lit your subject is the clearer your image is likely to be. If possible shoot outside or turn on lights when shooting inside. Some cameras come with a built in flash or light – this can really lift a shot and add clarity to it, even if you’re shooting outside. If your camera does not have a flash or light you should avoid shooting into bright lights as you’ll end up with subjects that are silhouetted.


Get Close to Your Subject

One of the most common mistakes with camera phone images is that their subject ends up being a tiny, unrecognizable object in the distance. Camera phone images tend to be small due to low resolution – so fill up your view finder with your subject.


Keep Still

As with all digital photography, the more steady your camera phone is when taking your shot the clearer your image will be.

This is especially important in low light situations where the camera will select longer shutter speeds to compensate for the lack of light. One trick is to lean your camera phone (or the hand holding it) against a solid object (like a tree, wall, ledge) when taking shots.

Keep in mind that many camera phones also suffer from ‘shutter lag’ (ie the time between when you press the shutter and when the camera takes the shot can be a second or so). This means you need to hold the camera still a little longer to ensure it doesn’t take a shot as you’re lowering it away from the subject.


Avoid Using the Digital Zoom

As tempting as it might be to zoom in on your subject when taking your picture, if the zoom is a ‘digital zoom’ it will decrease the quality of your shot to use it (you’ll end up with a more pixelated shot). Plus you can always edit your shot later using photo editing software.

Of course some camera phones are beginning to hit the market with ‘optical zooms’ – these are fine to use as they don’t enlarge your subject by enlarging pixels.


Experiment with White Balance

An increasing number of camera phones come with adjustable white balance which allows you to modify color balance in your images based on shooting conditions. Experiment with this feature to get a good feel for the impact that it has on your shots. I find that it impacts different camera phones differently. Read your manual to find out how it works on your phone.



Take loads of Shots and Experiment

The beauty of all forms of digital photography is the ability to shoot off many shots quickly and without cost. This means you can experiment with different modes and composition and discard those that you don’t want to keep.

Camera phones are particularly good for experimenting with new angles and perspectives – shoot from down low, up high, close up etc and you’ll end up with interesting and fun shots.


Follow Rules of Composition (and then Break them)

Learn some basic composition ‘rules’. The rule of thirds is a simple one to start with – ie don’t place your subject squarely in the middle of your frame but a third of the way in. 


Keep Your Lens Clean

One of the challenges with many camera phones is keeping them maintained and clean. Phones spend a lot of time in pockets, in bags and being used in all manner of weather and conditions. As a result they get dirty and can easily become damaged – fingerprints are a common problem on camera lenses – especially if your phone doesn’t have a lens cover. From time to time clean the lens of your camera using a soft cloth (sunglasses cleaning cloths are great).


Use the highest resolution possible on your camera phone

Some phones allow you to choose what resolution you want to take photos at. It almost goes without saying, but the higher your resolution the clearer your shot will be. This is especially true for camera phones which often have sensors of under 1 megapixel in them. Keep in mind however that the higher the resolution the larger the file size of the images you take – this means if you want to send images they can end up taking a long time to send. 

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