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Headshot Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Headshot Tips We shoot hundreds of headshots a year, we know a little bit about LinkedIn headshots. To help make sure you get the most out of your new LinkedIn h...
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What Is Headshot Anyway

What is a Headshot Photo Anyway? ​What defines a headshot? Is it just a head and shoulders shot? Head with some torso? Argh! What Qualifies as a Headshot An image qu...
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Natural Props for Your Photos

Natural Props for Your Next Outdoor Picture You coordinated your outfits perfectly and chosen the most stunning location. But aside from the clothing and backdrops how el...
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Location Tips for Family Pictures

Great Location Tips for Family Portraits Great locations for family portraits are formal botanical gardens, park districts, lake beaches, cityscapes, old farmhouses, urba...
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Natalia's Quincenera Celebration

Natalia's Sneak Peek! I’m so excited to share Natalia's birthday celebration photos with you! Thank you for giving me the privilege of capturing this moment in Natalia'...
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